"Thank You Michigan" Vintage

$100.00 - $150.00
  • "Thank You Michigan" Vintage
  • "Thank You Michigan" Vintage

We are so excited for the people for Michigan we wanted to release a tribute T.

Our Ancestors picked cotton in GA, 
took the Underground Railroad to PA, 
 pioneered MI & WI, 
 later migrating there and to NV & AZ & Cali 
to build industry, 

& saved America. 

As our way of paying homage, we will be releasing a few cities' shirts, that we feel close to and where we want to thank the people for coming out and doing their part. We all played a part.  

Designed by Ferris X Dark Palms 

Our handmade truly “Vintage Crew Tee” features a relaxed fit, ribbing at the neck, vertical stitching at the sleeve, a standard hem and is finished in a vintage wash for improved hand-feel and color.

100% cotton fabric

Hand-Designed & Made

Truly experience the creation of Ferris, find out why your favorite celebrities & athletes can’t stop wearing his creations.

Please allow 7 to 10 business days for the production of this piece.
Dry clean only.